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Newsletter Families - Good Time Management is the Key

Dear Families,

If both kids and job are waiting, then parents know the day just doesn’t have enough hours. It requires a lot of skill and organizational ability to combine both important aspects of life so that no one gets a raw deal. How nice it would be to have another pair of helping hands on board, to give support in tackling all the jobs to be done, especially if the own parents live far away.  

A Granny can rescue young families’ time management. She has voluntarily decided to help with childcare. Often women of a certain age are waiting for grandchildren, but sometimes their own children throw a spanner in the works. So why not use the free time and energy to help other families. For the children it's great: The Granny has time and listens, tells stories and plays, crafts, bakes, sings, paints and has many amusing ideas. The kids learn a lot without getting bored. And parents especially benefit from this arrangement.

At the moment over 80 Grannies among others from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Australia are looking for a nice family to support with life experience and verve. Like for instance, the open minded Granny Aupair Elahe or Granny Erika Mathilde, who are looking forward to a stay in English- or Spanishspeaking countries. Further we want to draw your attention once again to our extra service for stressed families – see below. 

With very best wishes from
Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair Team


Witty and flexible

Granny Erika-Mathilde (user name Erika Mathilde), who likes cooking and baking, would like to travel to an English- or Spanish-speaking country for three months as from September 2016. The 53 year old sporty and witty housekeeper would like to get to know other countries and cultures. The mother of two adult children loves to devote herself to children, which she has often done in the caring for sport- and leisure groups. She is looking forward to a nice family, broad-minded, affectionate and open for new experiences.
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Sporty and adventurous

Granny  Elahe (user name Elahe) is also looking forward to supporting a family in an English speaking country as from mid June. The sporty and culturally interested Granny is a keen mountaineer and backpacker. Now the 57 year old psychological consultant and mother of two grown children would like to travel to foreign sites she would love to get to know new people and live with them for a time.  

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Tip: Time and again we receive feedback from Grannies, that they have the impression that some of the families are only looking for a cheap household help to look after everything. Please take care what exactly you write in your profile – especially about your expectations and what the Granny is supposed to do. The Granny’s period of stay should also initially not exceed 6 months (later it may be possible to extend the stay after consulting with the Granny). This increases the chance that Grannies will get in contact with you.

Our Grannies offer many advantages as compared to young au pairs: They have lots of life experience, most of them have raised their own children, they are versed in housekeeping, know their own strengths and limits and are responsible and reliable. You will know your children in good hands! A Granny should be welcomed as member of the family, as a temporary grandmother and not as a cheap household help. Just as it would not be expected from your own mother, the Granny should not work hard for eight hours a day. The Granny could participate in housework for instance, look after the children and talk with them in her mother tongue, help with preparing meals, bring and fetch the children from nursery or school. In addition the Granny should have enough time off to spend it as she likes and wishes.



I ❤ Granny Aupair - spread the word!

Do you like Granny Aupair? Then we would be happy if you’d like to invite your friends or other families to get to know Granny Aupair. It’s well-known that a recommendation from friends is the best advertisement.

We would be pleased to mail you our multilingual poster to print out and put up in your school or nursery. Or we can compile a small information package for you (poster and printed bilingual folder), and send this to you by post.

We look forward to hear from you at info@granny-aupair.com

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Our Service for busy Families

Would you like to have a Granny Aupair? But have only little time, or do not want to search yourself and/or have the wish to stay completely anonymous? No problem!
We will help you find your temporary Granny!


  • We advise you personally

  • Create your profile on request following consultation (only in English or German)

  • Send your search request to our newsletter subscribers (also to non-members)

  • Handle the initial contact to the applicants

  • Further the contact requests to you

  • You decide which Granny you want to contact

  • Everything further you can discuss directly and personally with the selected Grannies. As in the end the new family member has to fit in with you and not with us.

  • If the chemistry and everything else is right, your temporary Granny can arrive!


Our offer for a singular placement: 149 Euros plus completion of a membership.

Are you interested? Give us a call or send us an e-mail! We are looking forward to hearing from you! 



Any questions? Just call us: 0049(0)40 87976140


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