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Newsletter -Anyone who goes travelling...

Dear Granny,

Anyone who goes travelling has stories to tell, states a German saying. And so that you can come back from your Granny Aupair trip with many wonderful experiences and stories, we would like to give you a few tips.

Read through the profiles of the families carefully! Usually they already give a lot of insight. If you prefer a quiet life, then a family with three young children and possibly even pets would be rather unsuitable. Rather look for families with one (older) child. Many families have quite clear ideas regarding "working times". Therefore it is very important to discuss everything in advance.

Before you finally decide on a family, talk to them very precisely about your tasks, leisure time, eventual allowance etc. and about other things that may be important to you. The better informed you get started in your Granny Aupair-life, the less unwelcome surprises will be awaiting you.

Good preparation takes you a long way. Many countries have totally other customs and conventions than those we are used to. Maybe you will be living in a culture quite foreign to you. Take your time to acclimatize. It can be that the strange surroundings will be disconcerting for you at the beginning and you will need a bit of time to come to terms with the new impressions. Talk about this with your family or a confidant. 
It is always helpful to know at least some of the language of the host country you are travelling to, even if the family you are visiting speaks your own language. Many Grannies like to visit a
language course on site or additionally try to get fit in another language beforehand.

And today we once again want to introduce you to three families from our long list of families. We wish you a lot of pleasure in your search and during your preparations!

Best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair-Team


Beautiful Veneto

This family (user name Mwayuma e Cristian) from the Veneto region in North East Italy is looking for a loving temporary Granny for their two children (boy 7, girl 4), who can start as soon as possible and ideally stay longer than three months. The children go to school and pre-school during the day and regularly visit their father at the weekend. Thus the Granny has a lot of time to explore and visit the romantic surroundings and the many sights.


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On Top of the Swiss Mountains

And a bit further North, in the beautiful Grisons region of Switzerland, this Granny-experienced family (user name Binolino) with two small boys (3 and 1) is looking forward to their next Granny, who will give them a bit of support as from December. The family lives 1,600 m above sea level with quite a lot of snow in winter. The Granny will have a nice room in a large house in the country. The travel costs will be taken over partly.

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Historical Oxford

From the end of November this family (user name Julia Mullen) near the time-honoured university town of Oxford is looking for a temporary Granny, who is fond of children and animals for their two girls (aged 7 and 5). The Granny, who needs a driving license, fetches the children from school in the afternoon, spends time at home with them and sometimes also looks after the family dog during the day. A nice room in a large house in the Oxfordshire countryside is waiting for you.
The travel costs will be taken over completely.

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