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Maria von Welser

Maria von Welser

Maria von Welser is the author of the introduction for the Granny Aupair-book

The well-known publicist and TV-journalist Maria von Welser is accompanying the book „Als Granny Aupair in die Welt“, published by the dtv-Verlag with an introduction. She commences the introduction with her view of Granny Aupair:
"It is fantastic and so typically female.: Granny Aupair. Women heading out into the world - in their 'third age', which then truly becomes like a new life. The period following professional involvement is very exciting and demanding in a new way. These women dare to enter into foreign families, perhaps even learn unknown languages, experience exciting cultures. Every year there are more who get involved in this adventure. I think this is absolutely fabulous. "

Maria von Welser became known as presenter of the ZDF-TV-magazine "ML - Mona Lisa", which she not only developed, but was also headed by her from 1988 until 1996. In the following years the deputy chairperson of UNICEF Germany was among other placings head of the ZDF overseas studio in London and director of the NDR-Federal Radiostation in Hamburg.

More information about Maria von Welser can be found on her homepage