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Newsletter Families - Granny Aupair: Mother-in-Law, temporary Grandmother or good Friend?

Newsletter Families - Granny Aupair: Mother-in-Law, temporary Grandmother or good Friend?

Newsletter Families - Granny Aupair: Mother-in-Law, temporary Grandmother or good Friend?

Dear families,

Having a Granny Aupair in the house is definitely a great relief – you don't always have to worry about your offspring and can keep your mind free for other tasks. And yet some young parents are wary about contacting a Granny Aupair: What if you don't get along? After all, women of this age have a lot of experience, would they be willing to listen to younger parents? 

These fears are understandable, but mostly totally unfounded. Due to their long life experience, Grannies know that everyone is different. Granny Aupairs are well-behaved and polite and adapt to the new circumstances, but at the same time bring a breath of fresh air with them. A new person in the house always means change. But you can determine whether this will be positive or negative right from the outset: Talk to each other beforehand on the phone or on Skype, and exchange views by e-mail. That way you can quickly find out whether you agree on certain subjects. There are no rights or wrongs here: what isn’t acceptable for one person can be ideal for another.  

Naturally it would be perfect if you could set up a meeting before the Granny’s required date of arrival. So you can get a feeling of each other and find out if the chemistry is right. If this turns out not to be the case: Don’t worry: the stay is completely voluntary on both sides and can be ended at any time. With this in mind, you can confidently embark on the Granny adventure and find out how this way of support can change your life. In quite a few cases, the Granny Aupair even turns out to be a motherly friend who can enrich the life not only of the children but also of the parents. 

At the moment about 50 Grannies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and other countries are looking for a nice family to support with their life experience and gusto. We would like to introduce two of them to you below. And besides these Grannies, there are many more loving and energetic temporary grandmothers looking for a nice family to support with assistance and advice. You can find their profiles on our website Granny Aupair

Very best wishes

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team



Creative and understanding: Granny Liane

Granny Liane (user name Liane Z.) would like to help a family as a Granny Aupair from mid September to the end of November. The 59-year-old kindergarten teacher and teacher for language development loves to cook and bake and also enjoys doing handicrafts. The mother of adult children from Austria also likes to be out in nature. In her profile she writes: "I am looking forward to getting to know the country and its people, away from tourism. Maybe being able to take a language course. I like cooking and baking for "my" family..."  

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Versatile and Dynamic – Granny Caterina

Granny Caterina (user name Cate60) would also like to help a family from an English-speaking environment as from September or from January 2021. The 59 year old former teacher for motor science and for special needs is very sporty and also enjoys cooking and baking and even tidying! The animalloving mother of two adult children from Italy likes to organize playful and stimulating recreational activities for children of all ages. She also would like to visit a language course.  In her profile she writes: „I expect to find a family where it's possible to create sincere relationships, also the comparison with different cultures is always a reason for growth ... I have a lot to transmit and certainly a lot to learn from others. I hope this experience will allow me to improve my level of English a lot.”

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Our TIP: If Grannies appeal to you but certain details in their profile such as length of stay and date of arrival do not match your expectations, then contact them anyway. Frequently something has changed and the Grannies are flexible. Many things are negotiable and it costs nothing to ask! 


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