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Newsletter Grannies - Feeling needed

Newsletter Grannies - Feeling needed

Newsletter Grannies - Feeling needed

Dear Ladies,

Many of our Granny Aupairs dream of the good feeling of being needed. Some of our Grannies have no grandchildren of their own or their grandchildren live far away or are already grown up. And many of our families near and far do not have a grandmother nearby to help them in the momentarily even more difficult everyday life. It is so important that children have many different attachment figures: siblings and friends, mother and father, but also Grandma and Grandpa.

Seize the opportunity to surpass yourself once again by becoming the temporary grandmother in young families. With your help children can experience and learn something completely different from their parents, such as old rhymes and songs or great baking recipes and handicrafts. Research also shows, for example, that the vocabulary of (host) grandchildren increases the more the grandparents are involved with them. 

Below we introduce you to two families, who need support from a loving temporary grandmother in the near future. Besides these families, you can find many other families looking for a Granny Aupair for their children on our website. 

Best wishes from

Your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Green City in France

Classical monuments, contemporary art, historical alleys and urban hotspots. In addition, beautiful views and outing opportunities along the Loire. Nantes in eastern Brittany has all this and more to offer. The small town of Sainte Luce sur Loire is very close to France's "Green City". Here a small international family with the user name rhanima (mum and 2 girls 6 and 4 years) is looking for a loving, reliable Granny Aupair with driving license from the beginning of November. The mother has to go on a few business trips a month. The two little girls at school until late afternoon, so the Granny would have plenty of time to explore the surrounding exciting area. A beautiful room in a large apartment in the center is being made available for Granny. The travel expenses will be taken over in part.

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Classic New England


An ample scenic coastline, winding colourful streets and many lovely old mansions all characterize Old Greenwich in Connecticut. Steeped in history and with a genuine small town feeling, the location is only an hour’s ride to midtown Manhattan and around five minutes to the neighboring city of Stamford by train or car. Here an Italian-American family of four (user name ABZL) with two boys (5 and 3) and a cat are looking for a temporary grandmother with a driving license as soon as the entry requirements to the US make it possible again. Leonardo and Sebastiano go to day care until the afternoon, so the Granny would have enough time to explore the lovely surroundings and/or visit a language course. A lovely large room with private bath in a big house on the outskirts is waiting for the Granny.

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If you have found a family and are maybe looking for a “follow up” family for your next Granny Aupair placement, then please change your possible date of arrival in your profile.  

And very important: Please let us know by e-mail which family you are going to and when. 

Write about yourself and your hobbies in your profile. With the help of  the online translators offered by Google or you can easily translate it into another language. This makes it easier for many families to find out more about you at first glance. 


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