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Newsletter Familien - Starting out again - Grannies looking for families!

Newsletter Familien - Starting out again - Grannies looking for families!

Newsletter Familien - Starting out again - Grannies looking for families!

Dear families,

Slowly everything is actually starting up again. Since  June 15th, many borders within the EU have been open to travellers from other countries, and many countries in Europe are no longer issuing a travel warning for other EU countries. And of course we hope that the relaxation will be extended to other countries in the course of the next months.

Our tip: Even if you live outside Europe, please contact Grannies and discuss everything in advance for the stay. Within Europe, many of our Grannies Aupairs are looking forward to getting to know their host family as their temporary grandmother. Often families do not have a grandmother nearby or even no grandparents at all to help them in their daily life, which has become even more difficult recently. A few experienced hands in the house, who can support you with advice and assistance, would be good.

With their life experience and energy our Granny Aupairs bring a bit of order back into the sometimes stressful everyday life. They pick up what working parents often cannot achieve in their daily routine, especially since now the balancing act between home office and child care/homeschooling is often necessary: They play, paint, bake or sing with their children. The Granny takes your children to school or kindergarten and/or helps with homework or homeschooling. As a temporary granny, she shares the joys of everyday life with her protégés and is the person to go to for all the little worries and needs of your offspring (and certainly sometimes yours too).

Below we are introducing you to two Grannies who would like to assist a family in the near future. And besides these Grannies there are many more loving and energetic temporary grandmothers looking for a nice family, which they would like to support with advice and assistance. You can find their profiles on our website Granny Aupair

With the best wishes for the beginning of summer!

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


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Creative and sporty – Granny Eva Maria

Granny Eva Maria (username EvMa) would like to become a Granny Aupair for a family as from August, preferably in an English speaking country. The 55 year old self-employed accountant loves nature as well as photography and enjoys sewing and handicrafts.

The sporty mother of three adult children is very interested in improving her English skills. In her profile she writes: "I want to learn about the country, the people and above all learn more of the English language. I like helping around the house, but I don't see myself as a cleaner. I love being there for the children."

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Caring and experienced– Granny Ingrid

Granny Ingrid (user name Tabbe) would also like to help an English or German speaking family in their everyday life as from August. The 68-year-old self-employed professional guardian and former personnel admistrator loves nature and hiking. She also enjoys cooking and baking. The mother of adult children and grandmother of three grandchildren is glad  to be able to pass on her experiences again: "I am really looking forward to the time, the opportunity to experience things with the family, to participate in cultural events together, have time for sports activities, cooking and baking together.”

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If you find Grannies liekable but their details such as length of stay and date of possible arrival do not match your expectations, then please contact them anyway. Often something has changed with the Grannies, plus many things are negotiable and it costs nothing to ask!


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