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Newsletter Families - Efficient Grannies ready to travel!

Newsletter Families - Efficient Grannies ready to travel!

Newsletter Families - Efficient Grannies ready to travel!

Dear families,

we are pleased: Slowly more and more relaxation of the lockdown rules is being put into place and you can discover the world a little bit more again. Various Grannies will soon be travelling to families in other European countries to give them active support. And we hope that non-European countries will soon be able to open up to our Grannies again. Many temporary grandmothers are also looking for a nice family for later in the year and will be happy if they can start planning their time with families now!

Granny Aupair is a small adventure for all involved. There are many wonderful opportunities to learn from each other and have a lot of fun. To make sure that living together is as stress-free and harmonious as possible, we have collected a number of useful tips for you, which we have been able to gather in our ten years of experience. Above all, the basis and key to success is open communication. Our tips for a successful Granny adventure can be found here: Tips for Families.

At the moment about 50 Grannies among others from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France are looking for a meaningful task in a nice family. We would like to introduce two Grannies to you below. Enrich your family life with our export hit – the au pair grannies!

In our newsletters we only introduce selected Grannies to you  –  to see more, just have a look at our website Granny Aupair

Best wishes

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


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Experienced and versatile: Granny Ella

Granny Ella (user name: Stella‘18) would like to support a family from the beginning of September, preferably in English- or French speaking countries. The 66 year old former teacher from Fribourg with good knowledge of English and French is sporty and loves to sing. The mother of two adult children, who also loves to travel has a lot of professional experience in caring for other children and has also been a Granny Aupair.  In her profile she writes: “I am looking forward to interesting encounters and new friendships, the expansion of my interests and great experiences as a temporary grandmother".

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Organized and experienced: Granny Kerstin

Granny Kerstin (user name: KIKI2020) would like to support a nice family as a Granny Aupair during her sabbatical year from August 2020 for three months or longer  – preferably in an English speaking country. Due to her profession the animal-loving 45-year-old teacher for German and English knows to interact with children and young people of different ages.

She is also very sporty and loves gardening. In her profile she writes: “I hope to find an open family who gives me a warm welcome to their home and who has the trust in me that I try to do a good job as a Granny Aupair. I would appreciate doing things together at the weekend or having some time on my own.“

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Please check your profile regularly and keep it up to date, this way you also avoid confusing potential Grannies. Please make sure that the preferred arrival date for the Granny is in the future. If you have found a Granny and are still looking for a "follow-up" Granny, please change the possible arrival date. And very important: Please let us know by e-mail which Granny will be coming to you and when.

The duration of the stay is agreed individually with the Granny. Please note, however, that the Granny is undertaking a private trip as a tourist and is bound by the entry and visa regulations of your country, especially at the present time. In most cases, our Grannies wish a stay between 2 and 6 months.


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