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Newsletter - Happy Birthday! 10 years Granny Aupair

Newsletter - Happy Birthday! 10 years Granny Aupair

Newsletter - Happy Birthday! 10 years Granny Aupair

Dear families, dear Grannies,  

10 years of Granny Aupair – how time flies! 2020 is our anniversary year, which we want to celebrate with you. Throughout this year we would like to inform you about our work, give you a look behind the scenes, present a few of our Grannies and families and their experiences and...and...and...

... not to forget celebrate our anniversary party on August 1st! (If you like, make a note of this date, more about this in a couple of weeks).

In the beginning it was a dream: Wouldn't it be wonderful if life-experienced women of the generation 50 plus could set out into the world and overcome national borders, language barriers and cultural hurdles? Michaela Hansen from Hamburg turned her idea into reality ten years ago – without a business plan, but with lots of courage and commitment:  January 2010 saw the PR expert launching her agency Granny Aupair – at that time the first of its kind worldwide – with an announcement in the media "Granny wanted as an au pair for Canada”. A few months later, the first Granny Aupair went on her journey to Canada. 

"Get off the sofa and get out into the world!" Up to now this call has been followed by thousands of women. Courageous women, whom we are very proud of. Many of them are already over 60 or even 70 years old and tirelessly help in families and social projects as temporary grannies. In addition, more and more younger women aged 40plus are taking their sabbatical with Granny Aupair.
Our Grannies have already traveled to more than 50 countries and have thus circled the globe untold times altogether. Many are or have been away several times. The so-called “Granny Aupair-virus” seems to be very catching, as more than 40 percent of our members are “repeaters”, who are lured away again and again.

Additionally many families have been loyal to us for many years as well. We thank all our many members who given us their trust again and again and have been loyal for years. And because it was so nice, here you have the chance to see our little review again – have fun!

Very best wishes from

Your Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair-Team



Part of the Granny Aupair Team
(f.l.t.r.) Michaela Hansen, Grania Grözinger, Elke Radtke and our office dog Pepper


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