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Press Release - Happy 10th birthday, Granny Aupair!

Press Release - Happy 10th birthday, Granny Aupair!

Press Release - Happy 10th birthday, Granny Aupair!

Happy 10th Birthday, Granny Aupair!

The last 10 years have seen many thousands of women travelling to over 50 countries around the world with Granny Aupair

Hamburg, January 2020 - In the beginning it was a dream: Wouldn't it be wonderful if life experienced women of the generation 50 plus could set out into the world and overcome
national borders, language barriers and cultural hurdles? Michaela Hansen (58) from Hamburg turned her idea into reality ten years ago - without a business plan, but with lots of
courage and commitment: January 2010 saw the PR expert launching her agency Granny Aupair - at that time the first of its kind worldwide – with an
announcement in the media "Granny wanted as an au pair for Canada”. A few months later, the first Granny Aupair started out. Destination: Canada. Since then, many thousands of Grannies have left for more than 50 countries around the world to live in families in the host country or as volunteers in social projects for a longer period of time.

"It's a win-win situation: our Grannies experience a country more intensively than normal tourists and the host families also benefit from the temporary family member," says the
founder of the online agency. "That our concept is received so well is shown, among other things, by the high number of our ‘repeaters’ - over 40 percent of our families and Grannies have already chosen Granny Aupair more than once. It is not uncommon for real, longlasting friendships to develop between the temporary grandmothers and "their" families. Both sides bridge national, cultural and age barriers", says Michaela Hansen.

Anyone who has ever travelled as a Granny Aupair is quickly infected by this special kind of travel bug. As in the case of Lily Heyen from Belgium. The oldest Granny Aupair ever turned 80 years old in December. "I have been on the road permanently since 2012," enthuses Belgian Lily Heyen. Lily particularly appreciated the variety: "Washington D.C. and Canada were unique - but I also went to an organic farm with five children in Tyrol, Austria.” When Lily starts telling her stories, you immediately want to go on your own journey.

Granny Evelyn Hoffmann (70) from Germany has also been to the USA and Canada, but has especially fond memories of Shanghai and Australia. "At first I thought Shanghai was my
favourite city," she says, "I went there a total of eight times - but then I discovered Melbourne for myself. I feel like I'm on a different planet in Australia," she recounts thrillingly: "The world is a colourful place and as a Granny Aupair you dive deep into the country and get to know
the mentality of the people. What could be better?“

Michaela Hansen is justly proud of her project and the Granny Aupair anniversary: "Our philosophy is cultural exchange. We offer enterprising, energetic and experienced women of 50 plus the opportunity to go abroad for a longer period of time and do something meaningful. Away from the tourist program, our au pair Grannies have intensive experiences
in a foreign country. And what is especially close to my heart: We connect people all over the world, who otherwise would never have met each other".

Happy Birthday, Granny Aupair!

Granny Aupair is an award-winning, international, four-language online portal. More information is available at:

Press contact and interview requests:

Michaela Hansen
Founder and Owner Granny Aupair
Osterstraße 58
D-20259 Hamburg


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