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Newsletter Grannies - Curiosity leads to more power and efficiency

Newsletter Grannies - Curiosity leads to more power and efficiency

Newsletter Grannies - Curiosity leads to more power and efficiency

Dear Ladies,

For a long time scientists assumed that the development of the brain is completed with the adult age and that we “deteriorate” mentally during the further course of our lives. But far from it! Studies now show that new nerve connections are formed by learning processes even in advanced age. In order to keep the mind fit, however, the obligatory crossword puzzle or brainteasers are not enough. Rather, it is more about looking for new and complex experiences. New tasks, new projects bring us to a whole new performance capacity on a mental level.

A very special challenge is also offered by Granny Aupair: getting to know a new culture or surroundings, meeting new people, making new contacts or learning another language! And this as part of a family, as a companion or in a social project.

Below we introduce you to two families, who are looking for a loving temporary Granny later in the year.

For more families just take a look at our website at

Very best wishes from 

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team



New York, New York

A world-famous skyline, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Times Square, Broadway – the list of attractions is endless. Here in the middle of the Big Apple, this small Indian-German-American family (username Claudymary) with a sweet 10 month old daughter is looking for a loving Granny Aupair as soon as it is possible again to give the parents a hand. Little Aryana will go to the German-speaking nursery three times a week from September. A small but nice room in a large flat in the centre of the metropolis will be made available to the Granny. The travel costs will be covered in part. 

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