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Newsletter Grannies - Full speed ahead also in later life

Newsletter Grannies - Full speed ahead also in later life

Newsletter Grannies - Full speed ahead also in later life

Dear Ladies,

older people in particular are less controlled, live more impulsively and have gained self-esteem, says the Austrian gerontologist and sociologist Franz Kolland in a research paper. We can only affirm this, as several thousand women between 45 and 80 have travelled to over 50 countries in the last 10 years and supported families and social projects there as Granny Aupairs. Through their life experience, our Grannies have already proven themselves in many situations and are not afraid to take on new challenges.

Like Granny Kerstin, currently in Sweden, who writes: "Since September, I have been with the B. family, who have welcomed me and my dog Lilly so warmly. It is so much fun!!! Being responsible for four children as a Granny-Aupair is a new adventure every day and a colourful mixture of Pippi Longstocking, Michel from Loenneberga, Karlsson on the Roof and Bullerby Village". (the books by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren).

Besides Kerstin, there are currently various Grannies on the road, for instance with German and international families within Germany, but also in France, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, Norway or they will soon be going to a family - even if they will first have to go into quarantine on site.

Below we introduce you to two families who would gladly welcome the support of a loving temporary grandmother sooner or later. And in addition to these families, various other families with children are currently looking for a temporary granny to give them a helping hand.

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With best wishes for the Advent-season 

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team



Land of fjords and glaciers

Breathtaking landscapes with beautiful fjords, mountains and extensive sandy beaches. The former European cultural capital of Stavanger in south-west Norway offers a unique culture with a lot of history and character and is surrounded by natural beauty, such as the world-famous Preikestolen plateau.

In this well-known university town, an international English-speaking granny-experienced couple (username Norway Express) with a 4-month-old twin couple are looking for a loving, helpful, baby-experienced temporary granny with a driving licence, as soon as possible. The Granny could give the mother a bit of support as Dad works abroad a lot. The family also has two Chihuahuas. On her profile, the mother says: "As a new mum of two babies, who is alone a lot, I need the support, experience and company of someone who knows about children." A nice room in a large flat in the city centre awaits Granny. All travel expenses will be covered. 

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Vibrant Metropolis

Cairo, the "city of 1000 minarets", is an ideal place to explore Egypt's history and culture.  Here you will find historic districts next to modern business and office quarters, old magnificent buildings next to skyscrapers. In the centre of the metropolis, an English-speaking family of four with two young children (girl 3 and boy 1) and the username esmatdiab is looking for a caring Granny Aupair for the two little ones. Both go to nursery until lunchtime and afternoon respectively. The mother had a  temporary granny herself as a child and would very much like to have one for the children. The family lives in a large flat in the city centre. The travel costs are covered in full. In her profile, the mum writes: "I grew up in a similar scenario, with a kind of 'grandmother aupair' who took care of me and raised me. We are a calm and loving family and we would want someone patient, loving and caring to help us look after our children." 

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Find out in advance when you will have time at your disposal. Will you be invited to take part in the family activities or does the family also want to spend time for themselves?

Also, before you arrive, talk about exactly what tasks you are expected to do, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings when you get there.  You can find many more valuable tips for you as a Granny on our website.


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