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Newsletter Grannies - Stories from all over the world

Newsletter Grannies - Stories from all over the world

Newsletter Grannies - Stories from all over the world

Dear Ladies,

Granny Aupair has already enabled several thousand Grannies to travel to over 50 countries, where they were able to experience many exciting and new things. Maybe you have already read some of the comments and Granny adventure stories on our online portal. We are always happy to receive "a sign of life" from our Grannies from across the wide world.

And now that the world has opened up again, you can seize the chance once again to enrich your life as a Granny Aupair . Maybe you are on the road right now? Or have you already had your Granny adventure? If possible just write a few lines to us and give us a little insight into your experiences. And if you can include a photo or two, we'll be even happier!  

Of course, we would also like to introduce you to a couple of nice families who are looking for a loving temporary grandmother sooner or later in the year. In our newsletters we only present a few of our families. At the moment, around 50 families from all over the world are looking for a temporary Granny or companion. Just take a look at our online community.  

Sunny Greetings from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Culture and History in Bella Italia  

Experience historic Italy in the small town of Tuscania. Located in the heartland of the Etruscans, the town is 90 kilometres north of Rome in the province of Viterbo, characterised by medieval towns, Etruscan tradition and breathtaking views.  

In this small town, an Italian-American family of three with a currently four-month-old baby girl and the username CorradinFamily is looking for a loving temporary Granny for little Vittoria for three months starting in mid-September. The help of the Granny Aupair would be needed mainly for three afternoons and evenings a week until 9pm, as the mother then works as a language teacher. This would give the Granny enough time to discover the beautiful surroundings and/or also take a language course. A nice big room with its own bathroom is waiting for the Granny in a large apartment in a rural setting.

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California Dreamin‘

A diversity of cultures, the relaxed Californian lifestyle, 300 hours of sunshine a year, the best shopping opportunities and lots of unique attractions - San Jose in Silicon Valley, the third largest city in California, has many things to offer.  Here, a Granny-experienced German-American family of five with the username Friederike W. (2 girls 7 and 1 and boy 4) is looking for their next friendly, loving  temporary Granny with a driving licence as from October 1st. The children go to school and/or a childminder until the afternoon, so the Granny would have enough time for herself to visit a language course and/or explore the area. A spacious room with private bathroom in a house on the outskirts of the city is available for the Granny.

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You like the look of a family, but the information given, such as the preferred date of arrival or the length of stay, do not match your expectations? Then contact the family anyway. Often they are looking for several Grannies in a row and are planning well in advance.




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