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Sara, mother from England

"I felt able to trust her immediately"

"Edith is a German lady who came to stay with us from November 2012 until the end of March 2013. During those 5 months, she became part of our family and we thought she was wonderful! We have 3 children, aged 3, 6 and 10 (younger when she arrived) and all of them loved her dearly and were very sad when she had to leave us. We got on so well that we are going to visit her in Austria where she runs a mountain lodge, over the summer holidays. I know that Edith enjoyed her time here and she certainly made the most of it. She joined an art group that met every Saturday, she went to yoga lessons regularly and she did plenty of sight seeing. She had her partner, children and friends over to stay and visit which meant that she enjoyed as much of London as possible - going to the theatre, visiting other places such as Brighton and Manchester. Her English was already very good when she arrived, but after 5 months it was even better and I could hold a completely natural conversation with her and visa versa. I found the experience very positive and would repeat it again. I felt able to trust her immediately and loved the fact that she was immediately warm and loving towards the children. Her cooking was divine, so the only problem is that I probably gained several extra pounds while she was here looking after us all!"