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Granny Evelyn writes from Shanghai

"On the first free weekend I already went on city safari"

Dear Granny-Aupair-Team, Evelyn sends you warm greetings from a wonderful city in the far East.
Once again I am totally thankful to be able to be around and about in the big wide world as a Granny, this time in Shanghai. My stay is until the middle of May.

i like it here very much and littel Sophia is such a lovable, darling girl. She goes to the German School in Shanghai in the new part of town, Pudong. This makes a former teacher's heart beat faster. I live with her exactly opposite and we just tumble from one doorway into the next one. THe parents live very far away.

Sophia has a small "private boarding school" with the Granny in the week so to say.

Her parents and grandparents are very hospitable, they are always smiling.

On my first free weekend I was already able to go on a city safari.

On me I had a load of small notes, on which my address, where I want to go, which bus or metro I need, where to find a toilet etc. were written in Chinese characters for all eventualities.

With the help of this "treasure" and a map in German I was able to find everything and am now looking forward to the next excursion.