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New offer: Fit for abroad

What to do if you cause a rear shunt in Beijing? How does the Turkish school system work? And where do you buy organic vegetables in Russia? Which hand do you use to eat in India? How does one say hello in Japan? Questions, which are often time consuming and nerve-wracking.

We are happy to be able to introduce our new cooperation partner – the crossculture acacemy. Th4e cross culture academy has made it its business “to understand the wolrd better” and offers trainings, seminars and workshops With an network of around 100 country experts it covers more than 120 countries and can thus offer a competent service when preparing for your stay abroad.

  • Fit for abroad!

    45-minute video conference per Skype

  • With experts from the crossculture academy

    for an introductory price of 29 Euro plus VAT

  • Just ask us about it!