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Newsletter Grannies - Now or never - Set off into the wide world as a Granny Aupair

Newsletter Grannies - Now or never - Set off into the wide world as a Granny Aupair

Newsletter Grannies - Set off into the wide world as a Granny Aupair

Dear Ladies,

The new decade is still brand new and there is still time to devote yourself to New Year’s resolutions with vim and vigour. Have you already made plans? Do you want to take a further education course, plan a sabbatical, improve your language skills, lose weight, do more sports, go on a trip? Maybe break out of the daily routine - in a foreign country with another family? Don’t keep putting off your plans. Use the zest of the turn of the year! Because if you want to change old habits, you have to do something about it.

But no matter how well the plan is formulated: it is also important to remain flexible. "Otherwise your inner laziness will immediately become an obstacle" says Sonia Lippke from the Jacobs University in Bremen, who has been researching behavioural changes for many years.

And if you want to put your good intentions into practice quickly: Many of our families are looking for loving substitute grandmother as a new family member, who can enrich the family everyday life with her life experience, very soon.  We are introducing three of them below. Many more families from all over the world can be found on our long list of searching families.

With best wishes for a healthy and happy 2020 - with many positive experiences and interesting encounters! 

Your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Close to the Big Apple

At the moment still within sight of New York City, soon to have a more rural feeling, but still close to the metropolis. This six-person English-speaking family with the user name Napierfamily currently lives in Bayonne on the peninsula between Newark and New York City, but will be moving to a small town at the end of January, an hour away from the Big Apple with beautiful mountain scenery.  The family with four children (two boys 5 and 1, two girls 4 and 3 years) and a dog would like to welcome a loving, patient temporary grandmother who also enjoys cooking as a new family member as soon as possible The two older children already go to preschool and the mother is at home most of the time. A nice room in a big house is waiting for the Granny. The travel expenses will be covered in full.

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Space City in south-west Texas

Beautiful art, cultural diversity, unique restaurants and naturally lots about space travel: All this is on offer in the fourth largest city in the USA, Houston in Texas. The metropolis, also called The Big H or Space City, is located on the south coast of the state at Galveston Bay.

Here a family of four (username Bnjoku) with a girl (4) and a boy (2) is looking for a flexible, loving Granny Aupair as soon as possible to help the family especially in the early morning and late afternoon and maybe teach a bit of her own language to  the children. Both children are in preschool or kindergarten until 17:00, so the Granny would have enough time to explore the exciting surroundings and/or attend a language course. A nice room in a big house in the centre is being made available to the Granny. The travel expenses will be covered in part.

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Island of eternal Spring

Tenerife, the most diverse island of the Canary Islands, beckons with different climates and landscapes as well as countless sights. The island, with Spain's highest mountain, the volcano El Teide, has something to offer for every taste.

Here a small Spanish speaking family (user name: Elinogues) with a little baby boy and a cat is looking for a loving temporary Granny with a driver's license from the beginning of March as support for the parents who work in shifts as pilot and conductor. The little one goes to the crèche until 15:00, so the granny would have enough time to attend a language course or to explore the beautiful surroundings. A nice room in an apartment in El Medano on the south-east coast is waiting for the Granny. The travel expenses will be paid in part.  

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Adapt and be proactive

For our 10th anniversary this year we asked various grannies and families for tips and advice for Granny Aupairs and host families. For example, Granny Aupair Lily H. (who has been with seven different families since 2012) advises: "Every family is unique and always different, try and adapt although it sometimes can be difficult".

And a very practical tip comes from a granny-experienced family from Shanghai: "When a basic contact has been established, in other words: you are not averse to each other, then please don't wait forever for another e-mail or phone call to come. Most families are very busy, this is why they need a granny. Therefore, if there is no response to an e-mail, then simply pick up the phone and get in touch with the family. Some families get a lot of e-mails every day, and an e-mail can easily go under."


Becoming a Granny Aupair is totally easy – this is how it works:

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As a member of Granny Aupair you can then get in contact with other members. For this purpose you just click on the “Become a member” button in our community-section and pay your membership fee easily by PayPal or bank transfer. Tip: Upon payment with PayPal your profile is activated straight away and you can contact our Families & co. immediately. 

·  Finding your way abroad

As a member of Granny Aupair you can now get in touch with the families and co. They can then also view your profile and contact you. You decide who may see your contact details. Write, phone or skype in detail with the families who are on your short list. Maybe you can also organize an introductory meeting. Get to know each other thoroughly and discuss the precise arrangements of your stay (accommodation, responsibilities and daily routine, coverage of travel costs, pocket money etc.). Is the chemistry right? Then get your things together and you’re off!


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