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Newsletter - Covid-19 is challenging the World

Newsletter - Covid-19 is challenging the World

Newsletter - Covid-19 is challenging the World

Dear Grannies,
dear families,

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is keeping the world on tenterhooks. Many areas of life are now affected by it. Sadly, Granny Aupair is also not immune to the virus and its effects. Almost all countries have now imposed temporary entry bans or quarantine measures. This currently makes the cultural exchange with Granny Aupair very difficult. 

We recommend that you adjust your dates from when you want to travel or from when you are looking for a Granny in your profile accordingly. The best thing would be to start searching for the summer or later. We hope that the situation will have eased by then. We advise all those who are still with families or social projects to inform themselves about the current situation in the respective host country via the media or the Foreign Office or at the consulates.   

We will be keeping up our telephone consultation hours as long as possible and we are also available via e-mail. Stay safe and optimistic! 

Very best wishes from

Your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


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