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Newsletter Grannies - All around the world: New families are waiting for you

Newsletter Grannies - All around the world: New families are waiting for you

Newsletter Grannies - All around the world: New families are waiting for you


Dear Ladies,

In many countries the  long summer holidays are already over and/or plans are already being made for the time after the vacation: New school year, maybe a new school, start of kindergarten etc. There is a lot to organise for families in order to balance school, work and free time. When you have to combine all these things, everyday life can become quite stressful.

Many families dream of having a "temporary granny" at home to support the parents, especially during this stressful time. Our Granny Aupairs are experts in childcare: they play, do handicrafts, sing and bake with the children, take them to school and kindergarten and pick them up there again, or even help with the cooking from time to time: An au pair Granny is an invaluable help for the families and a placement often leads to lifelong friendships.

Granny Aupair is based on the principle of reciprocity, as the term "au pair" suggests. This way, the families get the support they desperately need and the temporary Grannies have a task in which they are already experienced and which they enjoy. Many Grannies say that it makes them feel rejuvenated and full of energy. 

Today we are introducing you to three families who would be happy to have a few helping hands in the near future or even next year. You can find many more families on our online community.

Sending you late summer greetings

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Island of Dreams in the Indian Ocean  

White sandy beaches, primeval forest, mountain rivers, plateaus and an alpine mountain terrain – this all is to be found on La Réunion. As a French overseas department, the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean belongs to the European Union. In a small suburb of the city of Saint Paul directly near  the beach, a small Slovakian-French family (username: Réunion) with two girls (9 and 5) would like to welcome a loving experienced Granny Aupair with a driving licence, who ideally also likes to cook, as a new family member from mid-February.

Both girls go to school or kindergarten until 16:00. As the mum is a nurse and is on night duty twice a week and the dad also works outside sometimes, so the Granny would then also have to be available in the evenings. The Granny will be provided with a nice room with private bathroom in a house near the beach. The travel costs are covered in part.

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Fascinating East Coast of Australia  

on the South Pacific and lush green landscapes and forests, Australia's East Coast in New South Wales offers an amazing variety of natural and tourist attractions. 160 kilometres north of Sydney on the edge of the Hunter Valley wine region you can find the lively harbour town of Newcastle, affectionately known as "Newie", at the mouth of the Hunter River.  

Here a family of four (username Jacksandben) with currently 10 month old twin sons would like to welcome their next loving, baby-experienced temporary grandmother soon, preferably for a longer period of time. Both parents are self-employed and would be very happy to have a few extra helping hands. A nice room in a house on the outskirts of the city will be provided for the Granny. Travel costs will be covered in full. 

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The hidden Coastal Gem of Los Angeles    

The best coastal views in Los Angeles County, surrounded by lush landscapes, rocks, mountains, cliffs and hillsides. That's what you'll find 30 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

In San Pedro at the southern end of the peninsula, a small German-American family (username: doerte@) with a 7-year-old daughter is looking for an experienced, open-minded and flexible temporary grandma.  Little Ella goes to school until 15:00, so the Granny would have enough time to explore the beautiful surroundings on the Pacific and around L.A. and/or to visit a language course. A nice room in a large house on the outskirts of town awaits the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over in part.

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