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Newsletter - Information from Granny Aupair - Good to know

Newsletter - Information from Granny Aupair - Good to know

Newsletter - Information from Granny Aupair - Good to know

Dear Families, dear Grannies,

After ten years of price stability, we will have to increase our membership fees by 5.10 euros per month from 15th February 2022. To help you better understand this decision, we would like to give you a look behind the scenes of Granny Aupair and inform you about our work.

First of all: As a social entrepreneur, Granny Aupair is characterized by a strong idealism and not by profit maximising. Nevertheless, costs are incurred and investments have to be made again and again.

The Granny Aupair team now consists of five staff members as well as several external service providers. Each of them contributes to Granny Aupair with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm, but each of them also has to earn money. We have also rented an office for our work.

What do we do for you? Here are some of our tasks:

  • We are available by telephone from Monday to Friday for 4 hours each day. We take a lot of time to give you advice - even for interested parties who are not members yet, i.e. who have not yet paid a membership fee.
  • We reply to the numerous e-mails that reach us day and night as well as on weekends promptly (often in the evenings as well as on Saturdays or Sundays).
  • We support you in your search or in case of problems.
  • We are continuously working on public relations around the world to make Granny Aupair even better known and to give you, whether Granny or family, even more choice.
  • We maintain the website and continuously add new content.
  • We keep our online portal technically up to date.
  • In our regular newsletters we inform you about new offers and give you tips.
  • We establish contacts and build or expand our international network with institutions and social projects that are also part of our offer.
  • We provide information about Granny Aupair on social media via Facebook and Instagram.
  • We hold lectures, give interviews and offer information events and workshops.
  • The implementation of new legal changes such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) also costs money.

And we deliberately do without this for you:

Granny Aupair is free from annoying advertising. No bothersome advertising banners are shown on our website.

We hope that we have been able to make our work a little more transparent with these insights and thus bring it a bit closer to you. In the course of the last twelve years, our tasks for Granny Aupair have become more and more complex, yet we have been able to keep our prices for the three kinds of memberships stable for ten years (also because we know that it is can be a considerable expense for many Grannies and families).

And then of course, COVID19 arrived as well. As you can certainly imagine, the pandemic also has taken its toll on us. We and many of our loyal members were afraid that we would have to give up. We are all the more pleased that Granny Aupair has survived this too and is visibly on the up again.

In order for Granny Aupair to remain on a stable footing in the coming years, we have to increase our prices - by 5.10 euros per month from 15th  February 2022.

  • The three-month membership will then cost 195 euros - the equivalent of 65 euros per month (instead of 59.90 euros).
  • The six-month membership costs 270 euros - the equivalent of 45 euros per month (instead of 39.90 euros)
  • The twelve-month membership costs 420 euros - the equivalent of 35 euros per month (instead of 29.90 euros).

We hope and thank you for your understanding! We work every day to ensure that Granny Aupair keeps growing and thriving and will continue to give us joy and a lot more. Naturally, you can still register at the old conditions until 14th February. 

By the way, there are currently about 45 families and around 85 Grannies still searching – also for a later date. So you are welcome to take a look! Maybe you can already find the perfect Granny or family for you? Also our experience has shown that is advisable if there are more Grannies than families in our community, as many families are looking for several Grannies for different periods of time – meaning that a family often needs 2-3 or even more Grannies one after the other.

Best wishes from

Your Michaela Hansen & Team




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