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Granny Aupair Buch

Granny Aupair Buch

The first Granny Aupair-Book is there!

Granny Aupair Buch

On November 22nd 2013 the time will finally have come: The book „Als Granny Aupair in die Welt“ will be published by the dtv-Verlag!
With the help of the experienced journalist and book author Eva Goris, Michaela Hansen features the most fascinating Granny- Aupair-stories in her book, the readers follow the aupair-grannies on their trips to all the continents. Additionally psychologists and trend forecasters have their say about the „ageing“ topic. At the same time the motto of Michaela Hansen and Eva Goris is: “Don’t only read about it, try it out yourself”.

Everyone who can imagine this adventure for themselves, can find an advice part at the end of the book. But the book is also ideal for anyone, who just wants to participate in the life of others and travel the world from their own sofa.


  • Experience the authors Eva Goris and Michaela Hansen at the book premiere on November 22nd 2013  in the DB-Museum in Nürnberg!
  • On November 18th Michaela Hansen presented the book at the Messe Stuttgart
  • Michaela Hansen is guest at the MDR-Talkshow "Fröhlich lesen" with  Susanne Fröhlich on November 21st 2013