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Oma-Tag 2013

Oma-Tag 2013

Granny Aupair calls for recognition instead of flowers for „Grandma Day“

Today’s grannies are active, dynamic and intelligent women”, emphasizes Michaela Hansen, founder of the Granny Aupair agency and herself a four times grandmother. For "Grandma Day" which seeks to promote the sale of flowers next Sunday (wann?) after the model of  "Mother's Day", Michaela Hansen urges: "Modern grandmothers do not want flowers - they want recognition!" The inhabitant of Hamburg wants to ensure that the decision-makers in politics and business finally accept that the generation of grandmothers today suffers from ageism. "These women belong at the center of society!"

Today many women of the generation grandmother refuse to disappear into insignificance after retirement. "They are ambitious and much bolder than their own mothers and grandmothers," says Michaela Hansen. "Never before has a generation of women so consistently done away with prejudice and taken life into their own hands in advanced years.” These women simply refuse to age as "grandma", as part of society unfortunately still expect from them. "They do not want to disappear quietly into oblivion, they want to fulfill their dreams and not let themselves be slowed down. But the group of decision makers has not latched onto this yet," says Hansen.

With her agency Granny Aupair agency, which was founded in early 2010 - incidentally as first of its kind , more than 400 women have already traveled into the world as Granny Aupair. Age discrimination begins in the little things: Granny Aupair would like to offer the traveling ladies more coverage – which young au pairs enjoy as a matter of course. Under the current laws this is not possible! The Grannies are not allowed to travel abroad with an an au pair visa. The age limit for this is between 25 and 30 years according to the respective country. The entry into other European countries is less problematic, but outside the EU a visa is often required. There, they can only enter as tourists and only stay about 3-6 months depending on the visa. "With their status our Grannies are in a gray limbo. But we will not be deterred by this,” says Hansen combatively and demands: “Equal rights for all au pairs - no matter how old they are!”

Aside from senior coffee mornings, there are only a few offers for the young elderly. And yet this generation "Granny" is planning new ideas for their life in retirement . "My Granny Aupairs keep wondering: Can this have been all?" The Granny Aupairs belong to the women’s generation of the student movement and hippies, who are starting into the third period of life critically and keen to try out new things. „They have invaluable experience of a lived life and want to contribute to society," says Hansen. "Unfortunately, their social skills remain largely untapped!”  Michaela Hansen emphasizes: "These women do not want flowers for Grandma-day, they want gather speed once again."