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Newsletter Grannies - (Temporary) Grandchildren prolong life-expectancy

Newsletter Grannies - (Temporary) Grandchildren prolong life-expectancy

Newsletter Grannies - (Temporary) Grandchildren prolong life-expectancy

Dear Ladies,

Grandchildren keep you young – as everyone who has some knows. And recently this has even been (scientifically) confirmed scientfically in the Berlin Ageing Study (BASE)! Grandparents live longer, if they take care of their grandchildren. 500 senior citizens were observed for 20 years for the study. Some took care of their grandchildren, others didn't. The result was that grandparents who looked after their grandchildren have a (lower risk of dying) longer life expectancy. And this certainly also applies to “temporary” grandchildren! 

The background is that children can reduce grandparents’ stress levels. In addition, grandparents stay mentally fit if they deal with their grandchildren. So this is just another reason to take care of your grandchildren or to take care of your host’s children as a Granny Aupair. 

Anyone who also meets up regularly with other grandparents, parents and their children, is sociable and improves his or her social activities – and has another plus point to prolong their life. However, the study also warns against overdoing it. Anyone who takes on too much (on) with their grandchildren – be it their own or other children - risks throwing their stress level off track. 

In our mail we introduce you to three of our families, from the buzz of Washington D.C. to multicultural London up to the wild Scottish West Coast. You can find many other families, who are looking for a loving Granny Aupair on our website

Best wishes from 

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team

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The Heart of States  


The White House, the Capitol, exciting museums and beautiful park landscapes – you can discover all this in Washington D.C.. In the exciting American capital a small granny-experienced family (user name mlsolo85) with a baby girl is looking for their next loving, flexible, fit Granny as from mid-October or even for next year. 

The mother works shifts as a doctor in a hospital, and since the father works abroad, she is looking forward to support and company. She would also be happy to show Granny the surroundings. A nice room in an apartment in the centre will be made available for the Granny. Travel expenses will be taken over in part.

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Country Feeling in London 

London enthralls us with its infinite diversity: people of all nationalities, religions and skin colours, cosmopolitan atmosphere and the feeling of village togetherness are side by side. The British capital also offers the dazzling royal family and countless cultural opportunities - museums, galleries, palaces, theatres and musicals! In the southeastern part of the metropolis in the town of Twickenham in the borough of Richmond on Thames a small granny-experienced family (mum and 2 daughters, 11 and 9 and many animals) with the user name MumKate is looking forward to welcoming its next reliable, experienced and animal-loving temporary Granny who can speak good English and with a driving license as from September, to support the mother. The two girls go to school until the afternoon, so the Granny would have enough time to explore the exciting surroundings and/or take a language course. A nice room in a cozy cottage is waiting for the Granny.

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West Coast of Scotland


Beautiful beaches, lovely coastline, stunning views and many clubs and activities for the over fifties – the small seaside town of Troon in Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland has many things to offer and is only 40 minutes from Glasgow by train. Here a small family of three (single Mum, girl 4 and boy 3) with the user name Lisa Ten is looking for a caring, responsible temporary Granny, who also likes cooking and the outdoors as soon as possible to help the mother especially in the early mornings and late afternoons. The Granny could spend the rest of the day exploring the beautiful surroundings and/or visiting a language course for instance. A lovely large room with private bath in a big flat in an old mansion house with garden is available for the Granny as well as the use of a car. 

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If you like the look of certain families, but their details such as length of stay and date of arrival do not match your expectations, then contact them anyway. Often something has changed with the families or they are looking for several grannies "in a row". Many things are negotiable and asking questions costs nothing!


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