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Newsletter Grannies - Bereit für etwas Neues

Newsletter Grannies - Bereit für etwas Neues

Newsletter Grannies - Bereit für etwas Neues

Dear Ladies,

the older you are, the less willing to change? This is certainly not the case for most of the 50 to 75 generation. A third of this age group would like to try something completely new in older age or have already started something new (according to a Forsa survey commissioned by the German Koerber Foundation). And 44 percent are comfortable with the idea of starting something new.

Like Granny Monika, for example. The 66-year-old has been in Italy since the end of 2020, looking after the two children of her host family. Since then, she keeps being overwhelmed by feelings of happiness. The beautiful house. The pool. The view of the deep blue Lago di Varese, with the mighty Monte Rosa massif in the background. Like an idyllic postcard. And a few days ago she wrote to us: "I am just buying a small house near Lago Maggiore and will therefore stay in beautiful Italy for a few more years. I will continue to take care of "our" two children: we have really become a family and I have become ‚a grandmother of choice‘. Everything wasn't originally planned that way - but it's all the more lovely now."  

Granny Elke, who has been travelling around Asia with "her" family for several years, is just as flexible - see below for more.  

Perhaps you are also thinking about bringing a breath of fresh air into your life? Then why not try something new as a Granny Aupair? At the moment, many families from near and far are looking for a loving temporary grandmother to give them a bit of support. We would like to introduce you to two of them below. We would also like to suggest the social project "Kindergarten in Namibia" – here we are looking for a volunteer from May. 

Very best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Germany’s Gateway to the World  

The historic Hanseatic city is a metropolis with many facets: from the harbour on the river Elbe and the famous Elbphilharmonie concert hall to the Reeperbahn and the Alster lake plus the beautiful city parks, there is plenty to discover. The popular district of Alstertal with its green parks and nature reserves is located in the northeast, about 20 minutes from the city centre by public transport.

In this lovely district, a doctor’s family of soon-to-be five  (mum, boy 7, girl 5 and a baby as from June) with the username
dettenbo would like to welcome a warm-hearted, child-loving temporary grandma as soon as possible. The two children go to school and pre-school respectively until the early afternoon.

A nice big room with studio character and private bathroom in a spacious house with garden is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over in part. In her profile, the mum writes: "There is no grandma in our family who is caring for the children. Experienced grandmothers in particular have a special connection with children and children feel and love that!"

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The Heart of England

The heart of the famous historic city of Cambridge in the east of England is shaped by the university's architecturally exceptional colleges. But Cambridge also has a lot more to offer: Busy market squares, cosy tearooms, the Cambridge Fens close by and London only an hour away by train. In the centre of the university city, an international granny-experienced family (username: mrsgarden) with a six-year-old twin couple is looking for their next loving temporary grandma who also enjoys cooking and would like to teach the children a bit of her mother tongue as from the beginning of November. The children go school until the afternoon during the week, so the Granny would also have time for herself, for example to attend a language course.  A beautiful room with a private bathroom in a spacious house is waiting for the Granny. Travel expenses will be covered in full.

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As long as the families' profiles are visible, you can contact them, even if their details seem to be outdated. If you find families interesting, but their details, such as length of stay and arrival date, do not match your  wishes, we recommend contacting them anyway. Often members are looking for several Grannies one after the other. Many things are negotiable and it doesn't cost anything to ask!


Namibia: Supporting the Kindergarten

A private kindergarten in Namibia is looking for a Granny to take over the care of small groups of 3-4 children, with a particular focus on language and learning support. The kindergarten is based in a town in central Namibia and currently caters for 40-50 children aged 1½ to 6 years in the morning and 7 to 14 years in the afternoon. The Granny will assist in the kindergarten for approximately 35 hours/week.  

The stay, in compliance with the entry regulations, is planned for three months. The Granny will be accommodated in a fully furnished guest room with private bathroom and internet connection. The Grannies must provide their own meals,which costs around 55 Euros a week. Fluent English is required and of course a heart for children. Experience as a teacher or in the educational field would be great, but is not necessary. 

Interested? Write to:


Seeing the world as a Granny Aupair…

Our Granny Elke sent a short update...

"At the moment I am in Bangkok/Thailand, still with the same family! I am moving around Asia together with the family, which relocates every few years.

It all started in 2016 in Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia, then in 2018 we went to Dubai and now we're in Bangkok. The boys, who were 2 and 4 years old at the time, have now grown up a little. Their time is firmly scheduled and they don't need "their grandma" so much any more. Their German is perfect, you don't notice that these boys didn't actually grow up in Germany.

Since 2019, however, there has been a little girl in "our" family. She is the one I look after most now. She is also growing up quadrilingual. So again a lovely challenge for me to teach her German as her mother tongue."

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