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Newsletter Grannies - All the best for International Women’s Day

Newsletter Grannies - All the best for International Women’s Day

Newsletter Grannies - All the best for International Women’s Day

Dear Ladies,

For 110 years, International Women's Day has been celebrated in March, initially on 19th March, shortly afterwards the 8th of March was designated as Women's Day. A day on which attention is once again drawn to equal rights and women's rights and which women all over the world celebrate.

Granny Aupairs are also very special women who naturally should not only be celebrated on March 8th, but every day. Granny Aupairs take their lives into their own hands and, as seasoned women, dare to try out yet another new adventure. As a temporary granny, they share the joys of everyday life in unknown environments and cultures and spend the day being the person to go to for the smaller worries and needs of the youngest family members. Or they help far from home with their expertise and commitment in one of our social projects.  

Take a look at our pages with the comments and feedback of many Grannies from the last eleven years. Would you also like to take on a new challenge? Get to know a new environment, a new culture, meeting and making contact with new people or even learning a completely different language?

We would like to introduce you to two families who are looking for a loving Granny soon or later in the year below. On our online portal you will find many more families who are looking for a loving temporary Granny soon or in the future.

The very best wishes for International Women’s Day from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team



Green City in France 

Classical monuments, contemporary art, historical alleys and urban hotspots. In addition, beautiful views and outing opportunities along the Loire. Nantes in eastern Brittany has all this and more to offer. The small town of Sainte Luce sur Loire is very close to France's "Green City".

Here a small granny experienced family with the user name rhanima (mum and 2 girls 6 and 4 years) is looking for a loving, reliable Granny Aupair with a certain knowledge of French and a driving licence as from September 1st. The mom has to go on a few business trips a month.

The two little girls at school until late afternoon, so the Granny would have plenty of time to explore the surrounding exciting area. A beautiful room in a large apartment in the center is being made available for Granny. The travel expenses will be taken over in part.
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