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Newsletter Grannies - A Granny Aupair for the newest royal baby …

Newsletter Grannies - A Granny Aupair for the newest royal baby …

Newsletter Grannies - A Granny Aupair for the newest royal baby …

A Granny Aupair for the newest royal baby …

...will probably not be very likely, as according to rumours, Meghan and Harry are looking for a professional American nanny for baby Archie. But who knows... 

What we know, however, is that many families worldwide are still looking for a loving temporary Granny for their children. Far from conventional tourist attractions Granny Aupairs discover other places from a completely different side, meet people from different societies with diverse interests and cultures. And they also have a meaningful task. Our grannies relieve the families to which they travel and weigh in with their love and abilities. 

We would like to introduce you to two of our families from near and far, who are looking for a loving temporary Granny soon or a bit later in the year below.  

Best wishes from 

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team

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Between the Rivers Rhine and Main

Banks and big business, trade shows and shopping on the one side, culture, cosyness and traditions on the other. One thing is certain: Frankfurt on the river Main has something for everyone. 
Not far from this international city, in the community of Stockstadt on the river Rhine a small family of three (user name SophieG) with a two year old son and three cuddly dogs are looking for a loving temporary Granny with a driving licence as from August to mainly support the mother a bit, as the father works in another city during the week. Little Frederik will be going to kindergarden up to 14:30 as from August. The family lives in a lovely historical farm house and the Granny would have a large room with private bath. The travelling costs will be taken over in part.

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Looking for companion in Wales

The bustling market town of Newcastle Emlyn lies on the shores of the river Teifi, the longest river in Wales. Its attractions include a scenically-sited castle, independent and antique stores as well as enticing delicatessens and local producers as well as many beauty spots in the surroundings and many beaches nearby. Here a couple and two dogs (user name Penny S.) is looking for an animal-loving Granny Aupair with a driving licence and who likes cooking as a companion to assist with the 72 year old husband, who has Parkinson’s as soon as possible. The family has two cleaners, so the Granny Aupair would mainly be a companion and also should enjoy walking the dogs from time to time. A nice room with private bath in a large house is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over completely

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Which visa?


Unfortunately, a special Granny Aupair visa does not exist as yet. If you travel to a country that requires a visa as a temporary Granny, you cannot officially do so as an au pair. Aupair visas are usually only given to people up to 28 years of age! 

Since the founding of Granny Aupair in 2010, we have been fighting for a change in the age limits for au pairs and have already made representations to various national and international authorities and institutions. So far, the authorities unfortunately see no need for action. We very much hope that something will finally be set in motion regarding this age-discriminating and outdated legislation (as a rule, the laws date from the 1960s!). 

For travel within the European Union you do not need a visa and can travel with your identity card. For destinations outside the European Union you need a passport. If you need a visa for your destination, you can find out how to get it and how much it costs on the embassy website of your destined country of travel or in the country information of the Foreign Office of your country.


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·  Finding your way abroad

As a member of Granny Aupair you can now get in touch with the families and co. They can then also view your profile and contact you. You decide who may see your contact details. Write, phone or skype in detail with the families who are on your short list. Maybe you can also organize an introductory meeting. Get to know each other thoroughly and discuss the precise arrangements of your stay (accommodation, responsibilities and daily routine, coverage of travel costs, pocket money etc.). Is the chemistry right? Then get your things together and you’re off!


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