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Newsletter Grannies - Together we are less alone

Newsletter Grannies - Together we are less alone

Newsletter Grannies - Together we are less alone

Dear Ladies,

maybe you've seen the touching French movie "Ensemble, c'est tout" (Together, its everything) with the magical actress Audrey Tautou? It's about being alone, about true friends and naturally about love. Recently it was reported that 16 million people live alone in Germany. And that every third German between the ages of 40 and 85 has feelings of loneliness. And that loneliness sometimes makes people ill and ultimately shortens their lives! Frightening insights, as we find. In Great Britain a ministry for loneliness was established at the beginning of 2018, which is to work against the increasing isolation of increasing parts of the population.

Almost everyone knows the feeling of being alone. Sooner or later it can happen to anyone. The families are small, relationships do not always last long, partners or friends leave us. Being alone is a plague of present times, but the good news is: How ever badly you catch it, you can influence it yourself. The loneliness researcher Jenny Gierveld, herself 76 years old, recommends: "Build up a circle of friends and take care of them". It's also good to have a hobby, like learning a foreign language, or looking for a new challenge.

Whether you feel lonely or not, today we want to encourage you to set out, to get to know the world and new people. Have the experience of being needed. Be it small children in a family or needy people in poor countries - you can give each other so much! You will certainly not regret it. The encounters and experiences will strengthen you, give you a new perspective and new friends. 

If you also would like to meet new people, then take a look at the many families from near and far. Currently about 70 families are looking for support from an experienced Granny or temporary companion. We would like to briefly introduce three of them to you below. Many families are also already looking for a Granny Aupair for next year.  

Best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team

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Pearl of North-West Germany  

Clear, fresh air and its own lake - Bad Zwischenahn in East Frisia in North-West Germany is the right place for nature lovers. The Zwischenahner Lake invites you to go cycling, hiking or Nordic walking along the twelve kilometres long shoreline. There is also a lot to discover in the beautiful surroundings. Here an English-German family (username sue burke) with a one-year-old son is looking for a loving granny who likes cooking and with a driving lisence as soon as possible, to support Mum, as the father works away from home. The mother who does not speak much German yet,  works a lot from home, little James goes to nursery. The Granny will have a beautiful large room with its own bathroom in a spacious house on the outskirts of the town. The travel expenses will be taken over in part.

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Good Morning World from New Zealand

From glaciers to beaches, whale-watching to wine-tasting, New Zealand has so much to offer Gisborne on the North Island is the first city in the world to greet the sun each morning. The city, 1 hour from Auckland, is well-known for its Maori heritage  and culture and also has a great reputation for good food, wine and beautiful beaches. Here a granny-experienced doctors’  family of six (user name Emmora) with four girls, aged 7, 5 and two year old twins,  is looking for their next loving, flexible Granny with a driving lisence as from April 1st to mainly support the mother when the father is on call. The girls go to school or nursery until the afternoon. The family has a cleaner and additional support on certain days for the children. A lovely big room with private bath in a large house on the outskirts of Gisborne is waiting for the Granny.

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Viva España!

Tired of woolly sweaters and cold feet? Then we have a suitable offer from sunny Spain: a small family with the username Bianca Sch. (Mama, who works as a flight attendant and little Mila 1 year) is looking for its next loving and reliable “replacement” grandmother as from January preferably for six months.

The family lives in the beautiful small town of Sitges near Barcelona, Spain's second largest city, which has numerous sights, shopping opportunities and beautiful beaches to offer. Little Mila already goes to kindergarten, Mum is away from home as a flight attendant 15 days a month and therefore needs someone who already has experience with small children and loves being with them. A lovely room in an apartment in the centre of Sitges awaits the Granny. 

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Tips from Granny Anke

Our Granny Anke has sent us several tips, which you can also find on our homepage. Among other things, she writes that you should clarify from the start if suggestions for improvement are welcome. You are only accompanying the family for a short time and should therefore not question existing rules, even if you would perhaps do it differently yourself. To give other Grannies advice is difficult, writes Anke, because everyone has certain ideas and expectations. Her advice: Arrive in the family, step into the family boat, find a safe and nice place there and glide along in an easy and relaxed way. More tips


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·  Finding your way abroad

As a member of Granny Aupair you can now get in touch with the families and co. They can then also view your profile and contact you. You decide who may see your contact details. Write, phone or skype in detail with the families who are on your short list. Maybe you can also organize an introductory meeting. Get to know each other thoroughly and discuss the precise arrangements of your stay (accommodation, responsibilities and daily routine, coverage of travel costs, pocket money etc.). Is the chemistry right? Then get your things together and you’re off!


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