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Newsletter Familiens - A Granny Aupair for all occasions

Newsletter Familiens - A Granny Aupair for all occasions

Newsletter Families - A Granny Aupair for all occasions

Dear Families,

if you have children and want to start a career or even become self-employed, you need help to balance everything. You always have too little time, so you should take advantage of a reliable person who is willing to help with childcare. Even if its just for a shorter interim period, if there is a special situation, such as moving house, etc., that needs to be dealt with.

The great thing about a Granny Aupair is not only that you have someone bringing experience, humour and wisdom  with them – the big plus is that the temporary Granny lives with you like a member of the family. The Granny Aupair is interested in being with a family in a different culture or just different surroundings, about having a responsible task and about a daily life that is fuller than usual.

While the young parents work, the Granny can contribute with her wealth of experience and at the same time discover the world anew through the eyes of her charges. She can use the songs, the games, the stories from the past again, can think of new methods of entertainment, may teach, play, comfort, cuddle again. And at the same time she knows that she is doing a service for the parents that money could not outweigh - but certainly with a place in the hearts of the little ones and the adults.

At the moment, more than 100 Grannies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also among others from France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and the USA are looking for a nice family to support. Many of them have already had previous experience as a Granny Aupair. We are introducing you to three of our Granny Aupairs below – and many more can be found on our online community.

Best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Patient and cheerful: Granny Charlotte

German-French Granny Charlotte (user name Charlotte G.) would like to support a nice family soon.

The 55-year-old teacher (German-as-a-foreign-language and French-as-a-foreign-language), who also speaks very good English, is currently on sabbatical, likes sports, cooking, reading and travelling, among other things. The sporty mother of two grown-up sons writes in her profile: "I hope that my host family and I are going to talk together as much as possible. I would enjoy if we could sometimes do nice things together, such as cooking a special dish, going out for a walk or doing a little trip."

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Reliable and accomplished: Granny Margot

Granny Margot (user name Margaux Jolie a family, preferably in a French- or Spanish-speaking country.

The 64-year-old former medical assistant has already worked as a nanny for several families. The mother of grown-up children and experienced grandma loves to bake and cook and enjoys hiking, playing and music, among other things. In her profile she writes: "My host family should accept me as part of the family, where we should meet as equals with mutual respect. I hope to get to know the country, the language and the people better."

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Committed and experienced: Granny Annette  

Granny Annette (username: Annette L.) is also keen to get started again as a Granny Aupair, having already been a temporary Granny with a family in the UAE last year.

The 67-year-old former nutritionist has a lot of experience with multilingual education through her involvement in an association for early multilingualism. The sporty mother of two grown-up children enjoys baking and cooking, and is interested in culture, travelling and hiking. In her profile she writes: "My host family should accept me into the family. It is especially important to me that the children feel comfortable with me. I would like to support the family in many areas and wish for an exchange on a personal and cultural level with mutual respect."

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Please make sure you keep your profile up to date. If you have found a Granny, please change the date from when you are searching under "Profile settings". You can also deactivate and reactivate your profile at any time during your membership. You agree the duration of the stay individually with the granny. Please bear in mind, however, that the Granny is undertaking a private trip as a tourist and is bound by the visa regulations of your country.

You can find many more valuable tips for you as a host family on our website.

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Our tip:

You can find about much more about Granny Aupair and how it works in our interview on MumAbroad's youtube channel here

Many thanks again for the opportunity!



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