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Newsletter Grannies - Ihr Vorhaben 2023 - Granny Aupair

Newsletter Grannies - Ihr Vorhaben 2023 - Granny Aupair

Newsletter Grannies - Ihr Vorhaben 2023 - Granny Aupair

Dear Ladies,

2023 is still absolutely new and there is still time to enthusiastically make good resolutions. Getting fit, eating healthier, learning a  new language – in the New Year resolutions are being made all over the world.Have you already made one or several? Perhaps you have resolved to simply experience something new, to break out of your daily routine - in a new environment, in a foreign country, with a different family? Don't put your plans on the back burner. Use the momentum of the new year!

And if you want to put your good resolution into practice right away: Many of our families would like to have a loving temporary grandmother as a new family member, who can enrich the everyday family life with her life experience soon or even later in the year. We are introducing you to three of them below. And you can find many more families from near and far in our online community.  

Wishing you healthy and happy new year,

Your Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair-Team


Nature and culture in Northern Italy

From the peaks of the Dolomites to the deep blue sea, culture and history in ancient cities or invigorating lake air – the provice of Veneto in Northern Italy has a whole bunch of delights to offer.

In the small town of Sandrigo, near the beautiful Renaissance city of Vincenza a Italian-Albanian family of four (user name: Esmeralda Z.) with two girls (9 and 1) is looking for a loving, experienced, preferably Englishspeaking  temporary Granny, who possibly also likes to cook, to help the mother as the father works away from home during the week. The older girl goes to school until 16:00. A nice room with a private half-bath is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over completely.

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Canals, Tulips and Coffee Shops 

The "Venice of the North" combines canals, coffee shops and world-famous museums: the Dutch metropolis of Amsterdam has an international flair and offers something for every taste. Here, a Granny-experienced German-Dutch family (username: Bouwmanfamily) with two children (girl 6 and boy 3) and two cats is looking for a loving, reliable temporary Granny to help out the parents a bit. Both children go to school or kindergarten until the afternoon, so the Granny would also have enough time to explore the exciting surroundings. It would be great if the Granny enjoys riding a bike, as most of the errants and pick-ups are done by bike.  A nice big room with its own bathroom awaits the Granny in a large flat that extends over three levels. The travel costs will be covered completely.

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Canada’s Dynamic Capital

With it’s unique blend of urban and rural beauty, year-round outdoor activities, and vibrant neighbourhoods, the region around Canada’s dynamic capital, located between Toronto and Montreal, offers many attractions to be explored.

Here a small German-Canadian (user name:
CatSch) with girl, 5, and boy, 1, is waiting for a Granny Aupair, who ideally enjoys reading and cooking,  to be welcomed as a family member and part of the team! The two children go to school/daycare until 15/16:00 each day, so the Granny would have enough time to explore the surroundings and/or visit a language course. A lovely room in a house in the city center is available for the Granny.

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Our tip: Let yourself be inspired!

The best thing to do is to be inspired by all the families on our list. Don't pay so much attention to the respective country. In the end, the people you go to are more important. Once you have made a contact request, a little patience may be required. It often takes a few days or even weeks for families to get back to you. Often the families are quite busy or even collect a few requests first before they reply.