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Newsletter Grannies - Grandparents more important than ever

Newsletter Grannies - Grandparents more important than ever

Newsletter Grannies - Grandparents more important than ever

Dear Ladies,

According to a new study by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) and the Federal Institute for Population Research (BfP), around half of the children in Germany are looked after by their grandparents (in addition to school and kindergarten) - and this situation is naturally also found in many other countries. Without grandma, many families would not know how to manage their stressful everyday life between job and children.

But by far not every family has grandparents living in the neighbourhood or the family relationship is not strong enough for the parents to count on the urgently needed support. It can also be that there are no grandparents left or they are too old.

It has been proven that children who are cared for by temporary grandparents also build up a relationship with them comparable to that  to "regular" grandparents. The temporary grandparents can also benefit enormously, health-wise and emotionally, from a lively relationship with the younger generation, as several international studies have pointed out in recent years. 

Seize the chance to surpass yourself once again by  substituting for a grandmother in young families. Due to you, children can experience and learn something completely different from their parents, such as old rhymes and songs or great baking recipes and handicrafts. Both sides benefit from the offer: the Granny has good advice for many situations and helps out with her time, while the families bring the concentrated know-how of a younger generation with them and show the Granny life in a different environment or culture. The exchange is lively and fruitful and enriches both sides.

Today we would like to introduce you to three families who would like to welcome a loving temporary Granny as part of the family in the near future. Besides these, of course, many other families around the world are waiting for their good soul to support them with your life experience and expertise.
Take a look here.

With best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Swiss City of Culture   

Cosmopolitan flair meets living traditions. World-famous museums and a young art scene, a beautiful old town and the river Rhine inviting you to stroll along its banks - Basel in Switzerland has all this to offer. 

In the nearby municipality of Dornach, this very granny-experienced family of three (user name matithe) with twelve-year-old daughter and dog Luna would like to welcome their next animal-loving temporary grandma, who ideally also likes to cook (no prerequisite) ideally from Mid-August. Marie-Therese goes to school until the afternoon, where the Granny would also have to pick her up occasionally. During the day, the Granny would have enough time to explore the beautiful area around Dornach with its many hiking trails and old castles and naturally the city of Basel.

A nice room with its own bathroom in a large two-storey flat with a garden on the outskirts of the city is available for the Granny. Travel costs will be covered in full.

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Beautiful Taunus Region in Germany  

Following the recent death of the mother, this family (user name: Simsima) in the idyllic town of Bad Soden on the southern slope of the Taunus region (near Frankfurt, Germany) with 2 children (boy 4 and girl 2) plus cat is looking for a loving, toddler-experienced granny as soon as possible, who will help to master everyday life as a good soul.

Both children go to kindergarten or crèche until the afternoon, so the help of the temporary granny would be needed mainly in the afternoons or occasionally in the mornings, especially when the father is away on business. A nice self-contained flat in the grandfather's house in the same town awaits the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over in part. 

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Californian Bay Area  

The thundering Pacific Ocean, redwood trees, great coastal stretches and of course the fantastic sights that San Francisco has to offer are waiting for you in the Californian Bay Area.

Here in the modern city of Oakland, very close to San Francisco but also not far from Napa Valley, a small family (username Lizza D.) with two year old son and from January a baby would like to welcome an organised, open-minded and experienced temporary grandma to support the parents a bit. The little boy goes to kindergarten until the afternoon, so the Granny would have enough time to explore the fascinating surroundings and/or do a language course.

The Granny will be provided with a nice big room in a spacious house surrounded by nature on the outskirts of the city. Travel costs will be covered in full.

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Send lots of contact requests! If you find families you like but their details, such as length of stay and date of arrival, do not match your expectations, then contact them anyway, because often something has changed with the families, they have simply forgotten to change their profile or they are looking for several Grannies in a row. Many things are negotiable and it doesn't cost anything to ask! 

If you receive contact requests and you already have a family or the family doesn't seem right to you, write a few words back, even if it's a rejection. That way the family doesn't wait in vain for an answer and is not confused.




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