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Newsletter Familien - Granny Aupair: Mehr Leichtigkeit im Leben

Newsletter Familien - Granny Aupair: Mehr Leichtigkeit im Leben

Newsletter Familien - Granny Aupair: Mehr Leichtigkeit im Leben

Dear family,

If both parents are working and there are no grandparents or other relatives to take care of the children and a place in a nursery or pre school is currently unavailable, a Granny Aupair can be a welcome alternative. With her life experience and composure, a granny takes the pressure off everyday family life and brings a little more ease into the lives of young families.

A Granny Aupair is also great for the children: she has time and listens, tells stories  and plays, does handicrafts, bakes, sings, paints and has lots of fun ideas. The little ones learn a lot without getting bored. And the parents benefit even more from this arrangement. With a Granny Aupair, the family gains a new family member and can rely on support and assistance. And often, friendships are formed that last long after the Granny’s stay is over.

At the moment, around 90 Grannies among others from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Australia, South Africa and the USA, are looking for a nice family to support with their life experience and energy.  We are introducing you to three of them (including a pair of grandparents) below. You can find more Grannies who would like to travel to a dear family soon or later in the year on our community

Very best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Active and experienced: Grandparents Rita and Udo

The couple with the user name Rita and Udo would like to support a family, preferably in an English-speaking country, from August 1st as an au pair duo. The couple (both 57) have run a small hotel for the past 15 years. Originally, Rita also trained as a nursery school teacher for small children.

Since the couple's two children are now grown up, they would like to devote more of their time together to children again. Both of them would also lend a hand in the household and garden, are sporty and enjoy cooking. In their profile they write: "We have always enjoyed giving children security, structure and safety, having fun, motivating them and stimulating new ideas in them. No grandma or grandpa around to help out? We know what it’s like and that's why we like the idea of being a temporary grandma and grandpa.“

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Versatile and und dedicated: Granny Angelika

Granny Angelika (user name: kummera) is looking forward to helping out a family from mid-October. The 73-year-old former editorial assistant has many interests, including cinema, reading, cycling, gardening, hiking, culture and also cooking. As a mother of two grown-up daughters and grandmother of two granddaughters, she has a lot of experience with children and was also an aupair as a young woman. In her profile she states: "I would also like to go out into the world again to get to know other countries and people. Of course, that would be best in a family with children, whom I would love to support with my experience."

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Optimistic and open: Granny Verena

Granny Verena (user name: Verena K.) would also like to be a Granny Aupair for a family, preferably in an English-speaking or Scandinavian country, from May 2022. She would also be happy to come for a short period of time to bridge a childcaring gap. The 46-year-old banker has many hobbies, including sports, hiking and healthy cooking. The mother of two grown-up sons is looking forward to improving her English skills. In her profile, she writes: "My wish is to get to know the country and its culture in addition to the language. I don't have a set goal, I want to get surprised who would like to have support from an optimistic, open and always active Granny."

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Please bear in mind that our Granny Aupairs need a little more advance notice than a young au pair, because they have to arrange a lot more for their stay than a „spring chicken“, where the parents often are still looking after house and home. Of course, there are also Grannies who can spontaneously drop everything to travel. 

In general, however, it is advisable to look for a Granny Aupair in good time, so that both sides have enough time to prepare. You can find more  tips for families (also from Granny-experienced families) here



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