Granny as Housesitter

You are planning an extended absence from home and are looking for a trustworthy person to look after your house while you are away? Have a contact established with a German Granny and your  property will be in good hands! Housesitting is a matter of trust – therefore women over 50 are specially sought after when it comes to trusting a stranger with your home.

As a housesitter the Granny looks after your house and all that goes along with it during your absence. The Granny does not ask for a pay because in exchange for the housesitting she can live in a private home in a country where other people spend their vacations!
Which chores exactly you want your Granny to do is to be discussed with the Granny in person. Options are:

  • light housework
  • watering flowers
  • light gardening
  • taking care of the pets
  • emptying the letter-box
  • accepting your incoming calls