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Newsletter - Island, mountains or stately home - short notice destinations

Dear reader,

The summer holidays will be starting soon and many working parents are looking for a realible, loving Granny for bridging over this free period. But there are also other reasons why families are looking for a Granny’s help with short noice. We want to introduce you to three of our families, who are quite urgently looking for someone here: This likeable large family from the Irish South-West coast is looking for energetic support for the summer months, as the originally planned Granny had to cancel due to personal reasons. Among others the family keeps a bed and breakfast on a small island in West Cork – the temporary Granny would mainly keep an eye on the three younger children (7, 9 and 11) and provide some routine.

Situated in picturesque Swiss Soluthurn, this single mother is looking for a caring Granny for her sweet five year old daughter. The little girl will be spending a half day in kindergarten as from August, the temporary Granny would have to take her there, pick her up again and spend the afternoon with her. And on the other side of the English Channel – on a large estate with stud in the South of England – a sweet boy and girl (4 and 3) are waiting for their next Granny. The family wants an open and responsible woman who will bring some calm in their sometimes turbulent life.

You can find further information below or at www.granny-aupair.com – here many more families from a variety of countries are waiting for your contact requests. 

Very best wishes from

Your Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair-Team



An Island on the Island

Located on the beautiful Irish southwest coast this large family (user name edel murphy) with six children is looking for a loving granny that can come in early July at the latest. A nice room in the family bed and breakfast is waiting for the Granny. While the parents who are always nearby, take care of visitors at the B & B and café, the Granny can do something with the three younger children, spend time on the beach with them, go for walks and ensure a daily routine. The travel costs will be partly taken over.

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Swiss Jura