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Fantastic news for Granny Aupair: Tuesday evening saw the EMOTION.Awards of the eponymous German women’s magazine being presented in Hamburg for the fourth time. Michaela Hansen, founder of Granny Aupair, received the EMOTION.Award in the category “Impulsgiver” introduced by an impressive laudatory speech by actress Dennenesch Zoudé.

We are very happy that the well-known publicist and TV-journalist Maria von Welser is accompanying the Granny Aupair-book with an introduction!

On November 22nd the book „Als Granny Aupair in die Welt“ (Travelling the world as Granny Aupair) by Michaela Hansen and Eva Goris will be published!

Granny Aupair is Federal State winner at the KfW Award GründerChampion (Founder Champion) 2013!

Our Granny Aupairs belong to the women’s generation of student movement and hippies, who are starting into their third life period critically and happy to try out new things. They are equipped with invaluable experiences of a life lived fully and want to play an active part in society. Unfortunately their social skills often stay unused!

Jointly with the crossculture acadamy we will make you „Fit for abroad“! In a special training, tailored to Granny Aupairs, you will be made familiar with the cultural quirks of your host country.

At the conference „Ethik und Reisen“ (Ethics and Travel) Michaela Hansen and Granny Aupair were honored once again!

At the conference „Ethik und Reisen“ (Ethics and Travel) by the Institute for Cultural Entrepreneurship at the Freie Universität Berlin Michaela Hansen gave a talk you can see here!

As last year Michaela Hansen has been invited to the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network in 2013!