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Granny Aupair's 7th birthday

Granny Aupair is celebrating another birthday. One more candle on our birthday cake. Seven years, seven million kilometers and 175 times around the world. Older people are boring stay-at-homes – a common prejudice but far from it: For seven years now, the motto at Granny has been “Get off the sofa, out into the world” for seven years now. And several thousand women have already followed this call. Courageous women, who are mainly over 60 or even 70 years travel the world as Granny Aupairs and help families as temporary grandmothers or in social projects. But more and more younger women aged 40 plus take a sabbatical with Granny Aupair. Our Grannies have travelled to more than 50 countries and thus have circled the world about 175 times. Many are or were a Granny Aupair several times over. “We then talk about the ‘Granny Aupair virus’ which seems to be extremely catching. As more than 40 percent are repeaters who keep feeling the urge to travel”, is the happy summary of the founder and owner of Granny Aupair, Michaela Hansen (55).